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Since 1990 I have successfully brokered more than 350 sales contracts for real estate. Selling property in Berlin is my daily business. Flats for owner occupation or for investment purposes, large residential complexes, plots of land, houses and auctioned property. I operate on your behalf as an estate agent in Berlin.  Selling and valuing properties.

A good friend of mine recently said to me, "I think it's great if you, my real estate agent, earn a lot of money, because then I can be sure that I have a lot of money. You sell my property at a fantastic price. If I acquire a property at a favourable price, thanks to additional revenue, then I have gained twice, and you, my friend, were the professional who made this possible. A good agent is looking for the best deals, while I enjoy life with my family or on the golf course. "  

A real estate agent looks for new homes, land and investment opportunities. This is a daily marathon and a time-consuming employment. He meets people with different characters. Negotiates, organises and brings people together. At the end we have the most important part of all. The successful sale of the property.  

A real estate agent is not only a mediator. He is a neutral observer and moderates the proceedings. He makes decisions between the parties in either one direction or the other. Here expertise, sales skills and empathy are what counts.  

Sellers are usually people that do not really have much time and in spite of that they often attempt to sell their property without a good agent. They want to save on the agent, but end up getting less for the property, because they don't know those all important selling points. A good deal for all: it gives the parties access to the agent's network and thus a huge competitive advantage, because they know of good deals before they come on the market. Many puzzle themselves over why some people are always getting richer and the others not. You are probably not in the network of good agents. 


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I view the property with a first free valuation or review any existing assessment of the market value of the property. I check the property registry situation, make contact with property managers, lawyers and notaries in order to obtain information and documents. I offer the property at the best price obtainable. My database includes more than 14,000 customers. As is well known, in recent years property prices have risen constantly. I take this positive development in property values into account and can in most cases achieve or surpass your selling price. If a purchase contract is concluded, I assume the complete preparation, monitoring and follow-up of the sales transaction. You can have confidence in my 28 year experience of the market.

Do you wish to sell a property? What is the value of my property? What must be considered in a sale? Is a property sale checklist available? What are the costs involved in selling a property? What is the procedure for selling a property? Should I sell the property or rent it out? Should I sell an inherited property? Should I sell or let commercial property? Will the property be auctioned by court order?

For sellers my activities are completely free of charge. Have a non-binding valuation made in advance.

Investment properties, blocks of flats, commission-free flats, vacant flats and houses in Berlin for sale

90% of the properties I offer to my registered customers. Other estate agents are very helpful to me. I find the best buyer for your property. I have a database of over 14.000 investors or owner-occupiers worldwide. My last international purchaser lives in Chile. Other estate agents have similar potential, which I bring together.
I always achieve the best price which would also be obtained in an auction. The right buyer at the same time in the same place.

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