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For sellers my work is free of charge

(read 2 min) Are you asking yourself the question of whether you should sell or let your property in Berlin now or perhaps later – or can everything be left as it is? Do you regard having a property in Berlin as a secure investment at the moment? Since at least 2009 real estate prices in Berlin have been rising steadily. You could say there has been a real race for investors wanting to 'rescue' their money at the last moment, or simply to invest it securely. There are simply no alternatives. Securities are too uncertain. Gold is at risk from theft, even in safe-deposit boxes. The crises around us are getting ever closer. There's no more security. Burglaries have increased and the working world is heading for the so-called Industrie 4.0. Good wages are only paid to a few professional groups. So who can then pay the high rents in the city? In London property prices fell after the Brexit decision. In Berlin property prices are continuing to rise in spite of this. The population is shrinking and immigration in Germany will be a burden on the social support systems for years before it begins to bear fruit. Under these circumstances property can provide a relatively good return - if it was purchased on favourable terms, in other words in a renovated condition at least before 2009, or on special terms. But that does not happen any more. Even in auctions properties are generating higher prices than the cautiously optimistic estimates of the appraiser. The signals are pointing towards selling. You are now wondering what to do with the cash after the sale. I'll tell you what I do! Maintain a purchase order with your bank. If the stock market panics, you set a lowermost limit. Then you buy cheaply and wait calmly until everyone gets back on board. In particular, of course, only those who have also managed it. You should keep any renovated property with solid rentals. On the other hand a Berlin property with low rental income which is rendered unprofitable because of loan repayments should now be sold. I think it will not be possible to maintain today's prices for much longer. I will be happy to calculate for you what you would get for your property today. Click below on the real estate calculator 

After a free valuation and agreement on prices I will undertake the sale of your property for you. After a suitable buyer has been found a notary will then notarise the sale. All formalities are taken care of by me.

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