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Since 01.06.2015 the so-called 'customer pays' principle has applied to commission on the letting of flats. Before that date I rented out up to 10 flats a month. After that date this number went down to 1 to 2 per month. Many landlords, especially in private accommodation with 1 to 3 flats, decided to rent out their flats on their own in Berlin. However, they underestimated the enormous amount of time involved. For example, larger landlords could not persuade their staff to visit flats at weekends or after 6 p.m., as this would have led to problems under employment legislation. As a result they had to give up on a number of promising tenants. Tenants with solid incomes can often only view properties in the evening or at weekends. I have solved this problem.  I am ready to view properties 7 days a week. Before a viewing I check out the prospective tenant on the basis of the available documents (credit rating agencies, rent arrears etc.) or on the basis of a telephone conversation. If a flat is highly sought after, up to 100 calls are made sometimes. I advertise on many real estate portals. The cost per advertisement can be up to €200. Letting a property involves time and a lot of effort and money. I have 27 years experience of the market and have acquired in-depth knowledge of the market and human nature thanks to hundreds of rentals. You can benefit from my know-how when you let your property. Many landlords have already been persuaded by my services.  

Commission me to find you a tenant. The 7-DAY LANDLORD FLAT RATE is inexpensive, for flats below €1000 at the cost of only two net monthly rentals without utility costs plus VAT, and only one net monthly rental without utility costs plus VAT for flats with a rent above €1000. And saving the best for last: I continue to charge on the basis of success. No rental agreement - no fee.  

Send me a message or call me. Together we will find a tenant for your property.  


Your Andreas Buhlig

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